About the Project

Exploring the stories of immigrant entrepreneurs

We created The World in Ten Blocks because we believe
diversity is Canada’s greatest asset

With half its population born outside of Canada, Toronto is probably the world's most diverse city. The World in Ten Blocks is set in Bloorcourt, a stretch of Bloor Street in downtown Toronto where immigrant-owned small businesses are the heart and soul of the neighbourhood. At the core of this documentary are a dozen immigrant small business owners, whose stories reveal both the challenges and rewards of immigration and entrepreneurship.

The World in Ten Blocks situates these stories in a feature-length online experience, presented in partnership with The Globe and Mail. It's a kind of interactive walking tour of Bloorcourt where you can meet the participants and dive into the history of immigration in the neighbourhood going back a century. There is also a 34 minute film that brings the voices of the participants together in a collective telling of the immigration experience. While there is sadness and loss in these stories, this project is, above all, a celebration of these remarkable individuals and the unique city they call home.

As the children of immigrants, this is a project that is very close to our hearts, and we have spent untold hours bringing it to life! If you like it, please share it on Facebook or Twitter, or let us know what you think by email!

- Marc Serpa Francoeur & Robinder Uppal, creators

The Film
Watch the film on Vimeo, Bell Fibe TV1, or purchase a DVD.

The World in Ten Blocks (2015, 34 minutes)

Welcome to Bloorcourt—small business owners from all over the world have made this one of the most vibrant parts of Toronto. Meet some of these immigrant entrepreneurs and hear about their dreams, struggles, victories, and the unexpected ways in which they've changed. An intimate journey into the kitchens and behind the counters of small businesses where cultures and traditions are preserved, shared, and evolve.

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The Participants