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Mohammed Jaber

From Eritrea, arrived in Canada in 1991

Like many Eritreans of his generation, Mohammed's
life has been profoundly impacted by conflict.

A former Italian colony, Eritrea was annexed
by Ethiopia following the Second World War.

A 30-year armed struggle achieved independence in the early 1990s.

Image Credit

Photo by Dan Connell

Mohammed is Tigre, a traditionally nomadic, pastoralist ethnic
group that accounts for roughly 30% of Eritrea's population.

Predominantly Muslim, the Tigre were
heavily persecuted under Ethiopian rule.

This painting is by Mahmoud Dabrom, Mohammed's uncle.

Mohammed spent the first decade of his life in Eritrea, his
adolescence in Sudan, and his early adulthood in Saudi Arabia.

After spending some time in the U.S.,
he settled in Canada in his mid-20s.

For 15 years Mohammed worked at restaurants all over the city,
picking up the skills he would need to start his own place.

"This life, it's about risk. If you don’t
take a risk, you never succeed."

- Mohammed

Almost a decade after opening, Mohammed still works long hours
and takes few days off to spend time with his three daughters.