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Jameloon "Pam" Bacchus Singh

Born in Guyana, arrived in Canada in 1967

Pam was one of 14 children
in a close-knit family.

Pam blows out candles on her
16th birthday, her last in Guyana.

In the mid-1960s instability and ethnic strife
triggered widespread emigration from Guyana.

Canada was a major destination.

Pam's passport photo from
her arrival in Canada at age 16.

In 1967, Pam was sponsored by Tip-Top Tailors to immigrate and work as a seamstress in Toronto's booming garment industry.

Toronto hasn't always been
the diverse city it is now.

"They looked at coloured people
in a different way."
- Pam


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After decades in the construction industry,
Baldev now helps Pam with the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

For more than 40 years Pam and Baldev have lived in the neighbourhood,
just a few blocks from the restaurant.

Even in Toronto, Pam and Baldev’s multicultural,
multi-faith marriage was ahead of its time.

A few years after immigrating to Toronto, Pam, who is Muslim,
married Baldev, a Sikh from India.

Pam's recipes are well-kept secrets.
All her food is prepared on-site, including this goat roti.

After recovering from her stroke,
Pam reinvented herself as a restaurateur in the late 1990s.

Pam ran her clothing factory on Spadina Avenue for three decades
until a stroke forced her to sell the business.