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Philippa Pires

Born in India, arrived in Canada in 1978

Although Philippa was born in Bangalore, her parents are Catholics
from Goa, a former Portuguese colony and India's smallest state.

The Immigration Act of 1976 paved the way for increasing numbers
of non-European families like Philippa's to relocate to Canada.

Philippa was five years old when she arrived in Canada, just in
time to start school in Mississauga, where her family settled.

Even though her first language was English, Philippa still struggled
to fit in socially. Quite shy, she became a book-lover at an early age.

"I think the whole thing was a culture shock."
- Philippa

After working as a web and graphic designer for several years, Philippa
wanted to try and make a living from her passion for books and music.

Philippa continues to use her design skills at Zoinks! She created the logo and designs all the signage, cards, and merchandise, including this tote.

In 2005, Philippa and her partner opened Zoinks! at 856 Bloor.

A few years later, a fire in the building forced them to
move to their current location a few blocks west.

The only book and music store in Bloorcourt, Zoinks!
is a neighbourhood fixture whose closely curated
selection has kept it going steady for over a decade.